Important Information


Please note that, per Texas Laws, it is your responsibility to verify that the documents you want notarized do not violate any laws and that it will be accepted by the requesting or receiving party. If you are unsure, please call Texas Notary Department at 512-463-5705 before your appointment with us.

We are 100% mobile, we do not have an office where we see our customers.
YOU choose the location and we our traveling notary will meet you there at the agreed upon date and time.

Here are some of the typical places we meet our customers:

  • Airports
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Business Offices
  • Coffee House
  • Convention Centers
  • Correctional facilities
  • Doctors' Offices
  • ​Grocery Stores
  • Hospice
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Jails
  • Lending Offices
  • Municipal Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Parking Lots
  • Prisons
  • ​Restaurants
  • Tow Yards or Impound Lots
  • Your Home
  • Your Office

We are also Signing Agents, which means that we help lenders, buyers, and sellers who are in the final stage of the home loans. In fact, we bring documents to the borrower, assist them in signing each document, notarize where needed, and then return the documents to the lender by their preferred overnight delivery service. 

​Most Requested Notary Documents

Acknowledgements ~ Adoptado / Adoption Papers ~ Advanced Medical Directives ~ Affidavit of Heirship or other Affidavits ~ Affirmations ~ Application for Admission to Practice as an Attorney ~ Article of Incorporation, Dissolution, Merger, Partnership, or Amendments ~ Authorized I-9 Naturalization Representative ~ Bank Transfer Service Forms ~ Beneficiary Designation of Retirement, Death, etc. ~ Bill of Sale ~ Business Contracts ~ Certificate of Status ~ Certified Copies of Non-Recordable Documents such as Educational Transcripts or Degrees, Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Employment Letters, etc. ~ Commercial Lease Agreements ~ Construction & Business Loan Agreements ~ Court Documents ~ Custody & Guardianship Agreements ~ DBA Filings ~ Declaration of Common Law Union ~ Declaration of Lost or Stolen Passport or Postal Mail ~ Debt Consolidation & Protests ~ Depositions ~ Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage ~ DMV Traffic School Final Exames ~ DNA Witness ~ Durable Power of Attorney ~ Employment / Subcontractor Contracts ~ E-Notarization ~ Executorships ~ Government Forms ~  Handgun Permits ~ ID Theft Victim Complaint & Affidavit ~ Investment Documents ~ Jurat ~ Living Wills &  Trusts ~ Medical, Mental Health, and Financial Power of Attorney (POA) ~ Medical Treatment Consent ~ Medical Records ~ Memorandum of Understanding ~ Name Changes ~ Notice of Lien, Lien Release, Authorization of Add / Remove Name from Title ~ Oaths ~ Parental Visitation Agreements ~ Patent Documents ~ Pension Documents ~ Personal Statements ~ Post Office Form PSI1583 ~ Pre-Marital and Post-Nuptial Agreements ~ Prison Inmate Documents ~ Professional Licensing ~ Promissory Notes ~ Proof of Residence ~ Protesting a Bill or Note ~ Retirement Documents ~ School District Residency ~ School Field Trip Consent ~ Signature Witnessing ~ Statement of Consent (passport for children under 16 years old) ~ Subordination Agreement ~ Supplemental Marriage License Application ~ Sworn Testimonies ~ Title Application ~ Transfer of Property Ownership ~ Travel Consent ~ Unclaimed Property Inquiry ~ Uniform Consent to Service of Process ~ Vehicle Certificate of Ownership ~ Vehicle Registration / Release ~ Vendor Contracts ~ Wills, Trusts, & Testaments

These documents can NOT be notarized or Certifed as Copies: birth & death records, SSN cards, photographs, foreign language documents, faxed or copied signatures, passports, incomplete documents, improper ID, names that don't match, back or future-dated documents, and more per Texas State Notary Laws - however, contact us for possible alternatives options.



In the State of Texas, a credible witness must personally be known to the Notary or must present a valid, unexpired government-issued ID to the Notary at the time of signing. This ID can be any federal or state government identification that contains your photo and signature. Same for the witnesses who swear under oath that the signer's identity is true. If someone does not have an ID, two witnesses must be available at signing and must have an ID as described above. IDs can be a Valid Driver's License, USA Passport, or State-Issued ID card. It can also be US Military Identification, Valid Driver's License or ID Card from Mexico or Canada, a valid Foreign Passport that shows a stamp from the county of origin and immigration services, or an Inmate ID issued by a state or federal department of corrections. These documents can NOT be used as identification --> social security card, work ID badge, membership club cards, student IT, medicare cards or temporary driver's licenses or ID. Many senior citizens no longer drive and allow their license to expire. If it is expired, please provide a minimum of one credible, impartial witness to vouch for the signer's identity. That witness must have a valid government ID.


Here's what else you need to know...


  • YOUR DUTIES: please review your documents before scheduling to be sure that you have everything you need and that the signers and any needed witnesses are available at the time of the appointment. ALL SIGNERS NEED their NON-expired PHOTO ID.
  • All signers MUST be 100% SOBER and cognitively aware. We reserve the right to REFUSE service if we suspect this is not the case.
  • Please have payment ready to provide before we stamp or sign. Because our stamps and signatures are permanent, if you decide not to pay after we notarize the document(s), the law states we must destroy your document.
  • We accept Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, greenback Cash, Mastercard, Visa, and Corporate Checks with Net30.
  • If meeting in public or at a business, one person will arrive. However, per safety protocol, if meeting at a private location, two people will arrive. We reserve the right to refuse entry into any home or neighborhood without notice per documented safety concerns or police / rescue presence.
  • Please contact us with questions.


Notary Terminology



​To reach the Notary Helpline, please call 888-876-0827.
​To view Texas Notary Laws, please click here.



















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